Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tag 20

Modesty has never been my strength you see. *winks* And when Jax tagged Lady K, I was not sure who he was referring to. But then I’m Lady K too! Thanks kaNo!

Here are 20 random facts about me.

-I love hot chocolate.

-I'm a self confessed hypochondriac. So, when I want to get wet in the rains which I would love to, I think about catching cold and falling sick. You know what I mean... and this is just an example. I don’t limit these theories to myself and so most of the time end up being a spoilsport.

-Lazing around, doing nothing, just relaxing is my idea of time well spent. This hardly happens because there are millions of to-do things spinning in my head all the time.

-I'm so much like the clingy crab which holds onto everything. I grow super protective of people I love and take it on myself to solve their problems. This is another reason why I can’t just relax. But I'll try pranayam for this.

-I remember almost everything. And I remember everything in minute detail. Dates, people, names, places, films, songs, books, long lost acquaintances, distant friends' parents' names, and everything else that I don’t want to remember. Sometimes I surprise myself with the amount of trash that I'm carrying in my head.

-I think I've grown patient with age, and my temper has mellowed a bit. Just a bit though.

-Sometimes when I look at the mirror, I don’t recognize the other me. Thankfully this happens mostly after I get a new hair cut.

-I like to talk to people and I make friends very easily. But I also enjoy solitude. I need some time for myself, to think, to destress.

-I dread losing my loved ones.

-A is the best thing happened to me so far.

-I'm a mama's girl and daddy's girl too!

-I'll always remain a mother hen to K2 and K3.

-I can’t express gratitude without tears in my eyes. So I generally write “thank you” notes or emails to people.

-I've wept like a fool while watching most of the movies till date. Be it Troy or the Rajesh Khanna starrer comedy "Bawarchi". I try to hide my tears in such situations to save embarrassment, but my stupid nose which turns deep red whenever my eyes leak catches everyone’s attention.

-I love public speaking and have no stage fright.

-My mom used to call me Gajanayani (the elephant eyed) for the narrow slits I have for eyes. And let me tell you it’s not flattering at all.

-Most of the people who have known me for years are pleasantly surprised to see that I can cook.

-I've a starting problem. When I’m about to do something new, exciting, challenging I'm unsure of myself. It's like I always need someone to push me into the deep waters. From there I pick up myself and start enjoying the challenge.

-Many people who didn’t leave favorable first impressions have later become my very good friends.

-I like to read about exotic foods, elaborate recipes, etc but enjoy simple home made food any day.

Phew! Now this was a tough task with rounds of filtering and re-filtering some facts and making them look as normal as possible.

Anyone who wants to have some fun, you are tagged!