Thursday, June 28, 2007

I love the month of June!

You shall realize soon that the title of the post has absolutely nothing to do with the post. But I love June!

I had a lot of things planned for the weekend. The first one was to visit the orthopedic.
For the last few months my right hand has shown signs of rebellion. There was a mild pain in the forearm, the fingers were stiff and the when I rotated my wrist there was this “kut kut” sound. Yeah, I had blogged about this last year too! So I found myself flexing my arm, constantly pressing my forearm and subjecting my colleagues to Moov spray abuse. After a lot of procrastination and lot more googling on my symptoms we decided to see the doctor.

1 x-ray, a bag full of medicines, a wallet ripped of money, 30 minutes of inhaling the hospital air and just 2 minutes of the doctor's actual time later here I am. I have a mild cervical spondilytis and I have been given completely un-doctorly advice to rest, to not exercise and to gain weight. What an enviable position to be in! Minus the pain in the hand of course. I think I should thank all my colleagues who suffered in silence the smell of various ointments and sprays I spread in my cube, who walked around with serious straight face seeing me punching my hand and doing yoga anywhere, anytime.

But I am not getting any sympathies from expected quarters. K2 and A. They have asked me to sit straight at work and do some exercise. K2’s advice of "Don’t pamper yourself didi" broke my heart!! : (

And guess what!! I have an extra rib! Listening to the doctor's advice on do's and dont's I was getting worried. But when he told me that I have a rudimentary rib that grows in my neck I was so pleased! See, I always knew I had that extra thing in me! :) The rib thing was the best thing that happened this weekend.

I must share two real-life incidents which will make you smile.

I constantly pester my dad about his diet. I keep asking him what he had for breakfast or lunch or dinner depending on the time when he called. Since he is not supposed to eat sweet for his "mild" diabetes he gets irritated every time we ask what he is eating.
So, when I had called him one morning asking him what he had for breakfast, he replied,
"Bread Jaaa...Bread Butter." Okay, it sounded much funnier when it happened.

My friend from office, N, is funny in his own way. The other day he came across the book "Namesake", which now has Tabu and Irfaan Khan on the cover. He remarked very seriously, "Oh! So they have made a book out of the movie? That's good!"

Folks, I plan to write fiction on my other blog, "A bag-full of stories". It's still a fledgling blog. Ha! The main blog itself suffers from severe neglect, and I have ambitiously gone ahead with the new blog! Well... So, the point is the story I was writing in parts, about Chitra and her friends ( People! Do you even remember?) is continued on the new blog.

And A shall be off to NY for a month. What will K do? Sigh.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Of the nut and the gem

She saw that he was a tall guy and wore an easy smile. He danced around the edge of the dance floor as if he was afraid of somebody bumping into him. Though she knew him as a co-employee for just a couple of days, hours actually she did something she would have never done otherwise. She pushed him into the dancing crowd.
He was shocked. First, at the sudden push and then at her audacity. The short, thin girl with her glasses looked more like a school girl. Before he could say anything she laughed, pleased with herself and asked him why he was dancing so timidly. He showed her the band-aid on his thumb and said, "I have hurt myself." She was amused. So he was more paranoid than her, she thought. She got to know later that he had a nasty wound on his hand that night which he had covered with his sleeve and she felt bad for pushing him.

This happened 3 years ago. Along with hundred other useless details of the party that night she clearly remembers the shirt he was wearing. She is not sure if he remembers what she wore. That doesn’t matter to her because he remembers that party as their first meeting.

As they got to know each other better, he realized that she was as impossible as one can get and she realized that he was a pure gem. But the gem also thought that the nut was impossibly cute. Okay, the nut made up this. The nut and the gem celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary last month. The nut has cried, howled, glared, heatedly argued, rolled on the floor laughing, watched the sci-fi movies for the gem's sake, followed the gem like his tail and embarrassed the gem on countless occasions. The gem has also cried, howled, glared, gone into post-argument-silence, listened to all the nutty jabbering, cracked some real good and some real terrible jokes, shopped with the nut, tried to make the nut an early-riser in vain and watched cloyingly-sweet movies for the nut's sake.

The gem gifted the nut with a diamond for the anniversary. Guess what the gem wanted from the nut? A pair of sports pajamas.