Friday, June 08, 2012

Here we are

There are some things in life which are quite beyond one’s control. Like meeting your life partner. It’s as if two random people cross each other’s paths by chance and in one magical moment there’s realization that there’s nothing random or by chance. It was meant to be, my friends.

I was working at my first job and that’s where I met A. There was no reason for our paths to cross but cross they did. He cracked a joke and I laughed louder than the others and he was amused. Within a matter of six months we became really good friends. Then came the unthinkable, I fell in love! And thankfully it was mutual. :) We got married within a year of knowing each other. He soon came to know that I have a loud, hearty laugh and sometimes laughing fits.

Our friendship has evolved beautifully over the years, through tears and smiles, ups and downs, tax filings and loan payments, visa interviews and passport renewals, tatkal bookings and moving apartments.

A is the perfect complement to my ethereal moods. His cool calm balances my restlessness. His adventurous spirits lift me up from my unknown, imaginary fears. I must add that my optimism wins over his occasional cynicism. Of course there are times when I yawn through his (many) discourses on philosophical topics, but then his jokes make me smile even when I don’t want to. My little secret that I don’t mind sharing here - I usually want to really laugh at A’s jokes because they are that funny but at the same time I try to keep a straight face lest he starts thinking that he’s very funny. This is exactly what he does to me. Every time I have an out of the box idea, for the first few seconds his face is like “Wowza!” and his words are, “Yeah, I was thinking we should do the same thing.”

I used to think that I’m a romantic at heart. However I’ve recently realized that I’m not. Recently meaning since I started writing this post. Which means I may never be able to write another love story like Erich Segal. But it also means there is no pressure on me to surprise A with candles, cakes, red hearts or such. Flowers are another thing altogether and A must keep buying me flowers for his own sake.

If anybody is still reading the post and is wondering where this is going, well, for the confused reader’s benefit, A and I completed seven years of marriage in May. Yeah, it was all meant to be. :)