Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where are you, Spring?

In preparation to being full-time unemployed, I had made a quick list of things that I want to do - which I always dreamt of and never had time for, those kind of things. Since it's my list, it had to be vague, idealistic, and all over the place. I mean, really all over the place. It has things like - spend some quality time with my inner self. And then there's also one about revamping my entire wardrobe.

To be honest, revamping wardrobe has been my lifelong dream - for the past few years. Looking at how well put together other girls/women around me are - regardless of the time of the day, I get really frustrated and announce to everyone who would care to listen that that's it. I'm going to revamp my wardrobe this weekend. A knows me too well to worry about the mega splurging plans. He knows I will end up buying at most 2-3 tops on my next shopping spree and forget that I was there to almost raid the entire store.

Anyways, coming to my list, I love taking a walk in a nice, not too cold, not too hot weather picking up small pebbles, dried leaves, nuts, interest looking twigs, feathers and other little treasures. Now this is my quirk- what's rubbish to others can be a find for me. I bring all this "treasure" home and hoard it. I may use it in some craft or just decorate it around the house. But mostly not. My folks have taken all this quite kindly. With every house we moved, my dad made sure that my stuff moved as well.

I digress again. Well, I thought now that I'll have more time on hand I can make frequent “field trips” and collect many nice things. Or at least explore the neighborhood. Will you be surprised that I have been a complete home-body not even getting out of the house till A calls to explicitly tell me to go get some fresh air? Oh yeah, it's really terrible. It's still quite cold here (no snow though) and even for a short walk one needs to get ready – woolens, coat and all. Too much of an effort really. Most of the time I'm plonked by the patio with a book in hand, gazing at the chubby squirrels climbing up-down the trees. And since the book fails to hold my interest most of time, like a peeping Tom I keep an eye on what the neighbors are doing. I spot this Indian woman cleaning her house every morning for hours together. She dusts and wipes the blinds one flap at a time. I wonder when was the last time I cleaned blinds…I mean I clean like a maniac in my own way but this lady takes the cake, icing and all! Of course all this wonderment is while I’m staring at her. I realize a bit late that since I can see her so clearly, she must see me as well. I sit by the open patio afterall. It’s not difficult to guess what she must be thinking about yours truly. Not very kindly.

Yes, a lot of thought-experiments are happening with no theories to prove. :) Thankfully, spring is almost here and I can’t wait to get walking around!

Friday, February 17, 2012


to make me happy!