Thursday, June 01, 2006


Why does good time fly so fast?
Had a good weekend with both A's and my parents with us. It's always good to have parents around...they spoil you silly no matter how old you have grown. The weekend zoomed past. Before I realized it, it was time for goodbyes. And to say that I am not very good at saying goodbyes would be the understatement of the century. Anyways.

For a long time we have been planning to visit my grandparents. They recently celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary. Touche Wood. One look at them and you can not believe that there is any other couple with more contradictions. But both of them are extremely sweet, very loving and charming. Thank God for grandparents. Just thinking of all the splendid times we spent with them, I melt deep inside. If only it was possible to visit them more often...if only they stayed as healthy as before...Anyways.

To meet old friends after a looong time over a yummy ice cream (okay, even without the ice cream) is so comforting...especially when you discover that your friends have not changed over the years and you still connect on the same plane. The nostalgia and the "you remember that day...” stories make you want to believe that you had so much more fun in those good ol' days than today. Anyways.

And talking about today, I must tell you that the weather has become Superb. Yes, with the capital S. :-) After two months of unbearable heat, it's a treat to look at the blue skies and feel the cool breeze in one's hair. Being under the influence of the water sign I get super excited during the rainy season. Folks be warned, this cancerian can be bubbling with happiness one moment and in-her-shell the other. Anyways.


Deppe said...

you finally broke the silence!

I'm sick of the clouds. I need some sun. Anyways

kavs said...
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kavs said...

We'll send some sunshine your way D! :-)

Kiran said...

So Kavs it was kinda family get to :) It was good to refresh you.
Well, your last para is making me envy you. Blessed with city where it rains.
I am starving of rains here. I wish i could exchange it (this city) with one of your friends who said "I'm sick of clouds"...

" un jara jast aahe, dar warshi watata..

Rushes' Anomaly said...

Hey Kavs, it was very very nostalgic .. reading your blogs remind me of a happy-cozy-contend Indian family - touch wood!

Should say that I like the smug look on your Garfield ;-)

kavs said...

Kiran, padla ka paus?

Rushes' anamoly, thanks for visiting and leaving such a flattering comment! :-)