Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy birthday “I Me Myself!”

I always loved writing and had fair amount of opportunity to write essays, stories and articles for our school magazine.
When I decided to blog I had great ambitions about making my posts sharp, witty, hilariously funny, intelligent (at the same time!) and sometimes romantic too just like some of my blogger friends write. I don’t know why but sometimes I just no longer think realistically. When I actually started to blog my posts did not even come close to my friends’ blogs which I so admire. So in the hope of improving my writing style I decided to go ahead. Now, there’s no marked improvement, probably because I don’t blog that often.
Must say blogging allowed me to vent all my emotions (most of them) and by the end of it I would be a much calmer and saner self. This is a boon to A and other people around me.

It would be great to see my friends to end their blogger-exile. Anybody listening?


fountainhead said...

Happy Birthday!! Where are the cake and candles :)

fountainhead said...

So who are these blogger friends who write better than you? I haven't found any!!

Deppe said...

happy birthday K

Kavs said...

:D Pals, will send you some links, I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Thanks D!

Anonymous said...

Glad I am just 18 days late :D, belated birthday wishes, haven't been checking blogworld :( other stuff happening in luxyworld ;) i just hope your day was great, I know A would have seen to that and I wish a great year ahead for you with the ones you love :)

Kavs said...

I am sorry if I confused you folks, it wasnt my birthday. It was my blog's 2nd birthday. :)