Thursday, January 29, 2009

Say cheese!

I am looking at our Rajasthan pictures and trying to relive the wonderful time we had. Looking at the pictures I am amazed how photogenic my family is! Aai and baba- very natural, they don’t need to do much to look good on camera. Then there is A who is really handsome (ahem..I don’t tell him this often), looks just as handome in his photos. K2 and K3 look mindblowingly beautiful. Even if they are having a bad hair day or are suffering from the so-called burst of pimples on their faces- the pictures look glorious.

Then there’s me. I am quite disappointed at how my pictures don’t do enough justice to me. tch..tch..There are a few pictures of mine, where I am looking at the camera with a scarf covering my face. There are countless pictures where everybody is smiling and looking at the camera and I have closed my eyes or I am looking sideways. Why! I wonder. I mean if K2 and K3 were to be in the arctic region and somebody would want to click their picture, I am sure they would remove their scarves, would even consider removing the sweaters and pose like models.

Some time back we had an official photo shoot at work. The photographer had to keep clicking for a full 5 min before I could get everything right. That is keeping the eyes open, look at the camera and smile. Three things at the same time. Sadly, while I was preoccupied with the three step process, I forgot to look good! So my official profile photo at work looks as if somebody has put a gun to my head and told me a joke. Arrgh!

Returning to our trip pictures, it’s indeed a sad affair. In all my pictures I haven’t shown off the pretty dresses I wore- it’s only my red sweater and blue scarf which hogged the limelight.


Anagha said...

your way of writing is so natural hence whatever u write it comes straight from heart.
your loving aai

Amit Satarkar said...

Sorry, can't comment on this one till I get to see them :D

Keya said...

hey good post..i cant say anything abt ur rajasthan snaps.. :p but the one from ofc is real good... trust me!!! :) u look damn sweet .. n btw, k2 has that "hanuman" look in those snaps too.. :p

Kavs said...

Thank you aai!
Amit- i ont bite the bait.:) My pictures are a well-guarded secret.
Keya- I cant believe what you say. You guys are absolutely biased! :)

Anonymous said...

To add fuel to the fire, let me also remind u of the Hyd pics!!Remember how we all begged for your "mooh-dikhai"...and the Kokan snaps-where u and aai never let those scarfs go off!(Oh, so this has something to do with inheritance???) Commmmmon how can u manage to do that? Simpppply ammmmazing!And about those Miss picture perfects...K2 & K3 know how to flaunt the relatively less pimply cheek:) Well, I better dont comment on the efforts that go in finding the right angles for that pretty look minus double chin;)))