Monday, March 08, 2010

in a lame attempt to break the blog-break

Five things from Hyd I am missing right now:
1.Poli-bhaji in my lunch box
2.The weekend trips to Jiva
3.The beautiful necklace road/KBR park area
4.Birla temple
5.Fortnightly visits to amma-bothe baba and others

Five things I love in Boston:
1.The Charles river
2.The promise of something to explore over the weekend
3.To come home to A and K3
4.The bounty of fruit and vegetables
5.The hobby and art stores

Idea - courtesy K2

Wishing all the lovely women I know a very happy women's day!


Keya said...

Happy women's day to you too !! keep posting gal...

pals said...

Happy Women's Day!!!

Kavs said...

Thank you to the two lovely ladies stopped by. :)