Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Some more nostalgia

In exactly a week, mom and dad will leave for India. :( After every few hours I feel saddened by the thought.  I will have to think about the time difference before calling them up every now and then. Technically I said my goodbyes when I left K2's place last month and did it quite dramatically. Of course knowing me it was sure that after spending almost 3 months with them, I wasn't going to be all cheerful, waving a ta-ta at the airport, wasn't it? But I surprised myself - the crying that started at the airport continued intermittently throughout the pan-American flight and hasn't stopped even now. The melancholy of the fall season and the chill in the air (and the sight of whole heads of broccoli and cabbage languishing in the crisper) make me wanna run back to my home in Aurangabad, where I'm a child again and my time with my parents is not limited to any visa restrictions. Also, most of sensible dreams (when I am not dreaming of horror stories and murder mysteries) see me in my bed in Aurangabad, sleeping next to K2. When I wake up I am a little sad and disappointed that I'm in a different time now. Sometimes I feel guilty that missing my childhood home, my parents and K2, K3 with such intensity, is it unfair to A? Hmm...I think not. He knows me well, he knows my wiring is weird. I still have the instincts of the prehistoric cavesmen, I want my entire family living together in one cave. A big roomy cave with a good internet connection that is. :) 

Till I meet my besties again, here's wishing them a wonderful time back home. I miss you already!

Anyways. A and I took off to Vermont for two days. Till we set off A wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy myself and in turn if he would have any peace. I was feeling feverish and had a slight to severe headache. Thankfully, I forgot all about it the moment we stepped out. Exactly like A had predicted. *Rolls eyes* 

Like professional leafers, we took to quaint little towns, tasted the local cheeses and fruit preserves, bought samples of maple syrup.  We timed our trip really well and were rewarded with a spectacular display of fall foliage. Rust, crimson, copper, gold, scarlet and tinge of green - it was a mesmerizing burst of colors. 

In the spirit of the season, we raided the dollar tree store and decorated our patio with tiny plastic ghosts, witches, skeletons, bloody banners and halloween lanterns. And yes, we have our own pumpkins too! We have made it into a proper festival and may even squeeze in a trip to the temple. ;) I can already smell Dasserra in the air so listen up Fall Melancholy, you are not feared anymore. :)


Keya said...

liked the first picture. whats the place ?
Also loved the the colors you chose to describe the fall - and glad that you could actually see them.
As you can see , I am trying to skip through the nostalgia part !

Kavs said...

The first one is the Breakers Mansion at Newport - we thought it was the best mansion we saw. Next time you're here we'll visit Newport.

Yeah...:)Let's think about the good things to come, I'm sure it'll help.