Thursday, January 12, 2006


Thursday looks so much better!! Is it because you are already on the other half of the week and can almost smell the weekend?
In school, I hated Sundays! Because I loved getting ready for school, cycling all the way, meeting my friends and coming back home to my smiling mom waiting at the door.
Now like any other 5-day-a-week office goer I live for the weekends. Not that I do much during the weekends, usually it’s just the simple "joy of doing nothing" that I drink in. ;-)

Thursdays I fast. Not feast. I mean seriously, my relatives take fasting on the occasional ekadashis and mahashivratris so seriously that the next day their tummies ache out of overwork. Since I'm too lazy to cook sabudana, bhagar, fry fast-special savories I conveniently go the healthy way with a little fruit and milk.

The purpose of this post was to just write my mind. To see whether I could do it. And ever since my mind got whiff of this, the poor thing's gone blank!


Anonymous said...

hi kavs ! by any chance, are u ani's wife ? :)
even i love thursdays it is so close to friday :D
Suddenly I got bored of blogging, don't know why, so I am planning to take off writing and only read for some time:D

kavs said...

yeah! I'm!! How did you guess it? Anyways, I'm really glad that you got it bang on!