Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's a small world!

I'm taking you on an imagination trip folks.
Imagine. You stumble upon a blog which you like at the first click. (How clichéd me!)
Then, you keep visiting and love it even more. And you discover that this wonderful blogger is your spouse's very good friend! What a coincidence!
Now, this blogger traces your comments on her blog to you and somehow "smells" who you are...Remember you don’t know each other and have not ever met. What will you say? After sticking out your tongue in amazement, of course.

Well, yours truly has been smiling widely reading Luxy's comment and realizing for the nth time that it's indeed such a small world!


jax said...

hi kavita, came here via luxy's. you are ani's wife? ani is my long
time buddy :) hope you are both doing good.

Luxy said...

yeaahoooo , maubokil gotcha! and I am grinning from ear to ear like a chesire cat too ! :D

kavs said...

Hi!! Ani misses you all so very much, just goes to show the friendship you share. And Luxy, you have a garfield here smiling as widely as the chesire cat!

Luxy said...

hey kavs, wanted to share this thought with u, tht it would make sense to u.
Falling in love isn't so bad when you have someone to catch u!

Deppe said...


The clues were all there. And it still didn't strike me !!!!
Dunno if you remember but I was there at the wedding.

pro-rammer said...

Jzz thot of makin ur world smaller! I know dis gurl who calls herself luxy.