Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Weirdness Quotient

I am extremely sorry Deppe for doing the tag so late. The delay is because:
(1) A could not make up his mind - whether to list out his wife's weird habits or to diplomatically stay out of trouble. I guess the offer was too tempting to refuse. After all, where in the world does a husband get the chance to officially announce the weird things his wife does?
(2) Yours truly spent a lot of time to coax/threaten him. Yeah, I tried the "tickle" trick.

So after scratching my head, tapping my chin, looking somewhere in the sky I thought real hard about 3 (just 3?) things people find weird about me. A will contribute two points later. Let’s see when.

• I constantly feel cold and many times I inadvertently keep asking my colleagues if they feel the same. The weird thing is I just fail to realize that the person next to me is sweating and cursing the heat and I go ahead and think aloud "My God, isn’t it so cold?" In fact I generate a lot of negative publicity wherever I go as the "female who always complains about the AC".

• Whenever we go out for breakfast, I stick to the regular idli-sambar. Like the true-blue weirdo, I take 5 minutes to go through the menu, look at what the other patrons are eating, then mentally cross out all options and finally place my order of idli. It's more of a ritual. No wonder I am on the hit-list of many irritated friends with whom I have had breakfast. Right, this is limited only to breakfast.

• While watching TV I stick to just one channel. Can you believe that? No matter which the channel is, from AXN to Zee TV Telugu (I don’t understand a word of Telugu) you will find me watching the TV with complete concentration. As far as channel surfing is concerned I am caught in a time warp. I think this is because of the obscene amount of time I have spent watching just Doordarshan (cable TV was a late entrant to my house) right from Su-prabhat to Shubha-ratri.

More weirdness when the guest obliges.


fountainhead said...

So where is A listing out your wierd habits ;)??
I have much the same problem with ACs and also pretty much stick to idli but when I have khara is idli...otherwise it is rava dosa with chillies!!

Rushes' Anomaly said...

Me too head for idlies :-)
They are safe with the stomach.

kavs said...

Fountainhead, you'll soon see A's list. :-)
Anomaly, same pinch!

Deppe said...

There's no beating idlies!

But on the channel surfing issue, I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum. Sometimes I'm watching a movie I've waited weeks for, and during the commercial breaks I change channels never to return to the movie.

Anonymous said...

Same pinch on the first two :), although the second one for me applies to most things, every time I go to the icecream shop, I think I will take the risk and try something new and after 5 minutes, think again about why should I spoil the evening and order my chocolate icecream hehe, and instead of idli, it is the masala dosa for me :D