Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yet again.

Cocooned in my office cubicle, insulated from the rest of the world I had no inkling that just one hour ago Mumbai burned in yet another series of bomb blasts. It was not until I saw a colleague of mine frantically trying to call his folks back in Mumbai that reality hit me.

The scale of destruction, the loss of lives, hopes, dreams and innocence is massive. Common people, after putting a hard day at work were on their way home. Like us they would be thinking of several things they would do in the evening...what to cook for dinner, household chores to finish before hitting the bed, helping kids with their homework, and one brutal act of coward fanatics brought everything to an end.

Reports say that more than 200 people perished in the blasts and hundreds were injured. But the number of people who are scarred for life is much greater than that. Entire families have torn apart.

The newspapers are filled with praises for how Mumbai has bounced back. Politicians are claiming that Mumbaikars have yet again defied terrorists' plans and that normalcy has been restored. Please try telling that to the waiting child whose mother will never return home.


fountainhead said...

While the entire blasts thing has been horrible, actually it was the men who were hit harder this time with most casualties being male. Yet each and every family would have been affected in some way or the other. Absolute shame. Numbers do not tell the full tale of how many lives are actually affected.

Rushes' Anomaly said...

Homes orphaned, dreams withered, lives scarred ... many more repetations. I sigh, time continue to flow, silent witness of the past and future awaits, unknown tomorrows.

"..the waiting child whose mother will never return home."
It hurts!!

kavs said...

Fountainhead and Anomaly,

Dont know how this monster called terrorism can be killed.