Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday afternoon -don't feel like working-so the post

I dont know if anybody will ever read this post after reading the title. I really wanted a crisp title but I have already spent the entire day's worth of creativity while cooking this morning. Yeah, a week of cooking, with limited culinary capabilities can leave you exhausted. Our cook awaits a red-carpet welcome when she comes after a fortnight tomorrow.

In the last couple of months I havent blogged as much as i wanted to. With so much bloggable material vrooming in my head, some really funny, some quite poignant, it's a pity indeed that I didnt blog. Pity because the stories no longer hold any appeal.

Now when I look back I wonder why I didnt feel like blogging? I guess it's (or was) a phase. I like what a friend said, "lot of cobwebs" to clean explaining his sporadic blogging. :)

Talking about me, I am completely dazed at the speed with which time has passed till now and how I havent done even 1/10th of what I want to do. I in fact need to clear my thoughts about what I want to do. I hope you understand that my situation is exactly similar to a developer who is coding without the functional or technical specs. ( Borrowed this from A who uses this analogy quite often.) So blogging seemed like a waste of time. But I wasnt doing anything else when I was not blogging (except reading other blogs). So while I am deciding what I should do, blogging doesnt look that bad an idea.

I dont know if I have mentioned this, but now my office cube is just next to the window. I get to see the sky stretched above, with no structure to obstruct my view. And if I am lucky I even get to see a tiny black bird sitting on the window pane. I havent lost my mind, it's just the concrete jungle that has robbed us of such simple joys. Hmm...I so suck at philosophy.


fountainhead said...

i bet your cook can't make things as creatively though!!

Kavs said...

Thanks Pals! Nobody seems to be believe that I have at least a little creativity in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

there seems only 1reader for this blog -fountainhead , after reading few posts in this blog i feel very depressed -roar like a lion live like a lion

Kavs said...

Anonymous- You better not venture to my blog.