Monday, October 29, 2007

No-context-at-all. No relevance either!

I checked my eyes after almost two years and needed to change my glasses. As always I am very bad at making up my mind. This gave the optometrist and the opthalmologist and me a lot of heart-burn. I ended up making 3 trips to these people and spending a fortune on a pair of glasses which I wore for just 6 days.I would have sulked about it for longer time if not for the doctor...because in this whole exercise I met this doctor who is just as good as a doctor should be! Very calm, Dr. B exudes warmth and confidence that puts the patient at ease. I hope I dont need to visit him with any problems (not till the next two years!), I am recommending him to all my friends and family in Hyderabad. Talk abut word-of-mouth publicity.

People! If you havent tried roasting/searing veggies on a girdle or in a microwave, please go ahead. Carrots, beans, onions, garlic, cauliflower, capsicum, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes and any whichever vegetable you can think of tastes divinely sweet in this avtaar. Yup, I am reading a lot of food blogs!

Finally, I succeeded in completing the Rubik's Cube...all sides. A's an expert at that and does it in 1-1.5 minutes. I spent an entire morning yesterday and when I was done, I couldnt believe I did it! All these years I could just complete one side. A couple of weeks before his travel, A spent a lot of time teaching me the basic steps. With loads of patience. I told you he's a gem!

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fountainhead said...

you must teach me...i haven't figured it out yet. Haven't attempted one in ages too