Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year wish list

Putting it all behind you and move on,
The successes which saw you beam with pride,
The failures which left you lonesome and shaken,
The moments of happiness, the peals of laughter,
The tears, anxieties, fears and petty matter,
Putting it all behind you and move on,
Know the bliss of traveling light.

I wish to be a light-traveler this year.
I want to really shed off all the baggage I have been carrying, knowingly-unknowingly, over the years.
May I start to look at the bigger picture instead of getting lost in unnecessary details.
May I be able to apply the 80-20 principle in my life.
May I learn to turn inwards for answers.
May this be the year where I learn to live in the moment.

Well, this is my wish list, very intangible that way, but it would be interesting to see how much progress I make with it this year.

“Thank god for all the meetings in office which give me time to think uninterrupted and philosophize about life.”


fountainhead said...

Excellently written Kavs. May this new year bring you everything that you wish!

Kavs said...

Thanks Pals! Wish you and Ravi, uncle and auntie a joyous year ahead.

Anonymous said...

u sound like a person who has been trashed by life every now and then

Kavs said...

Anonymous- I told you, you are not welcome here.

GThought said...

The blog that I often use to read... I wish you to be successful in achieving your wish list...Are u on ur way !!!