Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I wont give up blogging even if I am the only one reading my blog

I am sad that so many stories got lost in my head without ever making it to the blog. Really.

I am just recovering from the after effects of my nephews’ visit, of course the good ones! The kids Sh and As, aged 6 and 1 are amazing! Just as kids their age are supposed to be. Smiling, sweet, innocent and full of energy! Saying bye to them was really difficult, especially because they will have no memories of the time you spent with them till their next visit. We had visited A’s brother 2 years ago and had a gala time with Sh. When I met Sh this time and asked him if he remembers anything, he looked at me and gave his brilliant smile and said “No! I have absolutely zero memories!” Oops.

Given that I am pretty Monica-isque when it comes to cleaning the house and straightening things, etc, I got a little hyper initially. I kept on picking toys, bits of paper, food, etc after the kids, switching off the lights and fans, wiping the spilt water/milk/juice, scraping off the chocolate from the fridge door, etc. By the first day I was like-what the heck! I am missing out all the fun. I officially joined the gang and made as much mess as my nerves could stand. :)
I wish Sh and As soon make another trip with their parents.

Btw, Hyderabad now boasts a fabulous airport! A must visit for all those people who are worried about the move from the current airport to the new one. Folks, the increase in distance is worth it! I hope the airport is maintained and the toilets are kept clean. I am already half expecting dirty brown rivulets of betel leaf spits running on the sidewalls. Eeeks!


fountainhead said...

Kavs, you are back!!! Nice to note that you had fun with the kids. Yeah I heard the great reviews of the new airport. How is the hand?

Vikram Nandwani said...

I wont give up blogging even if I am the only one reading my blog - Well... you are not the only only reading your blog so you better not stop (writing :) )... btw making a mess feels much better than cleaning it :)

AJ said...

Hi Kavs,
Stumbled upon your blog and found it to be a good read ( though I found one thing eerie, I have used almost similar words and lines in one of my posts !!).....keep blogging !!!

Kavs said...

Hi Pals! :) My hand is on the road to recovery.
Thanks Vikram! :)
Hi AJ! Eerie indeed.