Tuesday, November 04, 2008

* ! * ! * Let's wish the birthday boy * ! * ! *

He is the funniest guy I have ever known.

He is somebody the teachers at my school were scared of- because he would ask them why they gave so much homework.

He asks me/K2/K3 to sleep during exam time and not worry about the last minute revision.

He always eats not-so-tasty stuff from our plates without anybody noticing.

He scolds me/K2/K3 by saying “Be careful! I will tell your mom!”

He allows us to play to our heart’s content whenever/wherever we vacation- without worrying about schedules.

He is the best driver I can rely on anytime.

He laughs at Kader Khan/ Amrish Puri/Johnny Lever jokes when all we can do is roll our eyes.

He listens to all my and K2/K3’s instructions- but just listens.

He reminds me of chores I want to get done and love to forget. (e.g. Get your ration card done.)

He is my banker of last resort.

He is my dad and the coolest one on the job!

Happy birthday baba!!

ps: The post title is meant to be read as confetti.


fountainhead said...

Happy Birthday uncle!!

Anagha said...

ekdam perfect discription.vachatana tumache baba dolhyasamor yetat.khupach chan & baba sathi surprise gift mhanhata aele.
waiting 4 your arrival.with lots of luv.
(learning phase)

Keya said...

He who seeing a big block diagram would suggest you to skip that particular topic..or at times even a course :p
and He whom you can catch umpteen times eating vada-paav/pani-puri/kufi at all the road-side stalls...and if at all he does see you seeing him, you are invited with an usual "even it out/no tellin mamma" :p ...
Aai has written a very sweet comment... :)
lotsa lov,

Kavs said...

Thanks Pals!
Aai, you surprised me completely! :) expecting you to be a regular reader of the blog- I know I will have to be more careful about what I write. ;)
Thanks K2- you and K3 are welcome to keep adding to the list!

Amit Satarkar said...

I was on the third statement when I realized this was about your Baba. I guess, partly because that's exactly the way I bond with mine.
Makes a nice read. It conveys the essence of fatherhood. Cheers.