Thursday, December 18, 2008

Enough is enough

Seriously, seeing this "enough is enough against terror" caption against the backdrop of the burning dome of Taj Mahal Hotel with meaningless news reporting is enough. Enough of this inane blabbering!

It’s been three weeks since the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Those 60 hours were the most harrowing for so many people. People whose loved ones were involved, people whose places to hang-out were burning and the majority of us for whom the idea of being safe in our homes was dead. When I am talking about myself I know I am talking about several thousand people like me who were scared, stunned, ashamed, angry and terrorized. The 60 hours have changed a lot of how we looked at several things. Enough of this mindless, barbaric terror!

I am deeply anguished by so many things, the callous politicians, their insensitive remarks, the immaturity of our media and the sorry state of our entire system. Ministers were sacked, but do we have good politicians to fill in these places? Each one makes the previous one look better. The statements they make on air are ridiculous and bile-rising. I cannot read newspapers or watch news channels these days without getting extremely angry first and then disturbed. How can a country of one billion be such a soft state? How dare terrorists come on our land and kill our brothers and sisters and get away with it. Or worse still get into the prisons where they are fed off tax-payer’s money. Enough of this anybody can come and kill Indians non-sense!

My heart goes to all victims of terror who left behind scarred families. I sincerely hope and earnestly pray that we do not lose the lesson and the memory of our fellow countrymen who lost their lives, the brave men and women who died protecting us. Enough of this losing precious lives..

We need something more and tangible than to hope and pray, I know. But right now I am still too numb to think.


Amit Satarkar said...

Very true! Unfortunately, those who matter do not understand this.
But I think the problem is "Us". I recollect a dialogue from A Wednesday where Naseer say "Hum log bahut jaldi used to ho jaate hai". That's absolutely true. Everything that's wrong with the system, should have been nipped in bud by "Us", but tend to tolerate for too long and then it just becomes part of the system.
The solution? Unfortunately, I don't know it!

Kavs said...

The problem is aggravated by general public's very short memory and the goons we have as politicians.