Tuesday, August 09, 2011

August, here i come!

What are the different excuses you come up with to skip your daily jog/run/yoga?
Here's a peek into mine -

-I’m tired
-I need to rest (since i dig trenches at work)
-It’s too late
-I’m hungry
-It’s raining
-It might rain
-There are weird looking people on the streets
-There is a giant dog in the park
-There is a nervous dog in the park
-I’m too embarrassed to run (the pitiable way I run) with so many experts running
-I don't have a proper running outfit
-It’s too hot
-It’s too cold
-just like that!

The ones below take the cake as the lamest excuses ever.

-I can’t unlock the apartment door (?!?)
-Now that I have opened it, I can’t lock the door

To be fair to yours truly, it has rained for the last few days and the wooden door doesn’t open/close properly.

Anyways, it’s high time I make some fitness goals – so in response to K2’s call, here’s my goal for the month of August - Run 3 rounds around the park (non-stop 15 mins) and run a total of 6 rounds (run and walk – 30 mins). Boo me if i chicken out!


Keya said...

Good to see a post. ROFL on the different excuses that u have cited. But no , you should stick to your goal. There should be something more than a Boo for us to do in case you dont meet them ;).

Deepak said...

I once caught myself justifying with this lame one "I haven't had any protein this week" !

Kavs said...

@keya - madam, what have you in mind?
@D - that's very scientific i must say. ;)

pals said...

Kavs, I went running this morning...got up at 5:40a.m.

Kavs said...

@Pals - way to go!

Swaram said...

Gud luck :) :)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I wrote the same post once on my old blog. Almost. I should repost it sometime and work on my fitness level too.

Anonymous said...

OMG this is so me. Ive become useless!