Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The year that was

I planned to pretend that I didn’t notice the year slip by. The downside of being a lazy blogger is that you have to think very hard about what you really did over the year. Let me attempt a quick download on what’s been happening so far – be warned that most of the happenings don’t fall under the breaking-news category. I guess the “most of the happenings” part will keep some interest alive. ;)

January 2011
– The year started on a high note – K3, my darling little sister got married to AG. It was a beautiful ceremony – none of the usual bickering that’s taken granted for in Indian weddings.
I gave a flavor of my “strict aversion to any kind of fun” by promptly going to bed when my entire clan danced away to glory at the seemant pujan which coincided with the New Year celebration. A was disgusted, to say the least!
Rest of January to April
– Other than the unprecedented snow storms in the north east, nothing that I can remember. Well, I want to forget what I did at work as this period is our official busy season. What, haven’t you heard of such a concept before? Lucky you, must say!
But I sure remember the historic win of the men in blue, in April!! Oh my, what a joy it was to watch that victory! Yeah…I didn’t see the game for the fear of jinxing anything. Haha, things we silly fans do for the team to win! I’ll remember that wonderful moment for a really long time. (The later England and Australia tours – I don’t even care)

– A’s parents arrived on their maiden trip to the US. Unfortunately for them the summer started very late and it was mostly cold and wet during their stay. But we had a good time – good food and good talk.
A super short get-together of the three sisters, their husbands and two sets of in-laws.
Cheering at K3’s graduation. A super-hectic yet memorable trip to NYC with everyone in tow. Was mighty pleased with pictures of this trip – finally, I’m beginning to move towards being photogenic.

– Niagara again, in a gang of 11 this time! Missed K2 and Maks sorely.
A wonderful surprise was to run into G, my lost-and-found friend from school. Thus the conclusion is that the probability of two Indian women running into one another is the highest at Niagara Falls. That’s a good indicator of the sheer number of desis there, isn't it?

– Discovered a splendid getaway in NH, just a couple hours drive for us. Reconfirms my belief that I’m happiest near a water body no more than one foot deep. This tiny brook of a river, Pemi, meets all my criteria of how playful and friendly a river should be.

August – hmm…I don’t remember anything. Never mind, you are not missing anything.

September - December
- Now, September onwards things really got moving at a break-neck speed so I’ll leave out the chronology part of it.
Moving apartments (packing, repacking, unpacking, cleaning – not just regular but scrub- till-it-shines heavy duty cleaning)
A memorable trip to Grand Canyon (subject of another post) – what a place this is! Highlights include the chopper ride, the boat (pontoon or something) ride, the yummy lunch at the ranch and of course the gorgeous panoramic views.
A dazed trip to Vegas – seriously, am I an oddball to wonder what the big deal is about!
A really short but incredible trip to London squeezed in somehow in the overall chaotic scheme of things. (Yet another post, I promise)
A trip to India with no clue about where would we end up in a couple of months time –that things fell into place without us doing much is a huge relief.
Met P, S and PK and their spouses. Such a joy to see old friends. And an even greater joy to see them happily settled with their spouses…
And the biggest news of the year happened towards the fag end – I quit my job of 6 years! Yes, after months of agonizing over it. No matter how hard I try to downplay this big change in my life, I fear getting up in the middle of the night in cold sweat, regretting. So far I haven’t fully digested the idea of being unemployed so the regret hasn’t happened yet – I still mourn on Sunday evenings for a bit before I realize that Monday mornings shouldn't bother me now! ;) That said, I LOVED my work and absolutely miss some very nice people I met there. However, I’m really happy that I don’t need to tolerate some people any more.
So actually, 2011 saw us doing different things, visiting new places, meeting new people and several old friends, and making some important decisions. I think it was overall a good year for us.
The New Year started on a promising note as well. My mom’s book was released – the result of her tireless efforts for the last 6 years. Such a proud moment and am I glad I was there to celebrate! (Another post, I promise for sure!)
Spent a wonderful week in Aurangabad with mom-dad and hogged on my favorite foods. How I missed home!
In the meanwhile, I have also managed to check off two more jyotirlingas from the list of 12. Then there was this trans-Atlantic trip.

My resolutions for 2012 are all over the place – creative, fitness and life related. And of course to be a more regular blogger. For once, I want to be ambitious and over-achieve. That’s a good sign I guess.

(PS: This post is for PK, my dear friend who hasn’t given up on me or this space! :))


Deepak Rajanna said...

Quite a year! Look forward to seeing you update this blog more regularly.

pals said...

Nice Summary Kavs!! Looking forward to reading more posts

Kavs said...

:) sure guys - i hope the blog is well looked after.

Pankaj Kulshrestha said...

:-)... need more blogs from u this yr as well! It is always a joy to read them!!

Kavs said...

I'll try, PK! :)