Thursday, September 08, 2005

It takes three to tango!

We are three sisters, sometimes I feel we are a set of triplets, born in installments. K2 who is 2 years younger to me and K3 the baby of the family who is 1.5 years younger to K2 are God's best gifts to me.

My fondest memories flash before my eyes in the form of Kodak moments and almost every snap of it has K2 and K3 with me.
There I'm riding my tricycle with K2 and K3 on the back seat, we 3 are playing holi in tiny petticoats, red faced.Then we are dancing in circles swirling our white frocks, here we are enacting some skit. In one we are all college goers gossiping,laughing, preparing for exams.
I don’t remember us fighting at all! Our sibling rivalry was of a different kind...we 3 rivaling against the rest, a fourth person was an outsider to our team. We had our little games, our own secret codes, our own interests and own little world!
I envied K2 for that peculiar guttural "gook gook" sound she could make somehow and I couldn’t even after hours and hours of practice. And I envied K3 for that extraordinary ability of hers to lick the tip of her nose!
(By a strange twist of fate my husband has both these supernatural qualities.)

Nothing has changed much even today except for the physical distance between us. I don’t even need to close my eyes to visualize the angry look on K2's face while she's examining the tiny zit-which-will-soon-explode-into-a-nasty-pimple on her fair face. I don’t have to be there to feel her soft silken hair falling over her face again and again. From here I can experience the relief she feels when she realizes that it's raining outside and she doesn’t need to go out for that morning walk. And I know by heart what time of the day she would be stifling her yawns and fighting hard to stay awake.

I know which song K3 will like to just hum in the bathroom and which song she will sing in her loudest voice as well as dance. I know which dress will make her lovely eyes pop like that... (A dhinchak black with any-color dress)I just have to see an ad for a drama workshop/magic class/trekking trip etc and I can see her beautiful face shining with excitement. I’m amused by the gay abandon with which she throws her clothes into the laundry basket and am touched by how her heart goes out to any poor salesman walking in the sun, dripping sweat.

Having said all this, I don’t need to add that I miss being with them badly.


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Anonymous said...

Dear this continues to be my most favorite post:)And every time i read it i cannot stop myself from smiling and those tears rolling down my cheeks...Ya may we get to spend tonz of such lovely moments together. I miss u and love u even more with every passing day. The triplet rocks:)

G Pals said...

Can't cease myself to read this blog again $ again. :)