Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Twisted Beginning

After procrastinating for what seems forever I finally signed up for a yoga class just around the corner. Ever since I was born I had this ambition of getting up early with the sun, put on some really cool work-out suit and go jogging or do some form of exercise. It never happened. Either it was too cold in the mornings, or it rained, or I didnt have good shoes or I had to study for some exams or there were many street dogs just waiting to pounce upon an unsuspecting jogger.There are many many or's and many more dogs.
But when I realised that the marital bliss I'm basking in has given me something more than just glow and shine and which is showing in my growing girth and also on the weighing machine I knew my moment of truth had come. Either I had to take up some physical activity or I would have to donate my beloved jeans and those tight (not so tight actually) salwar kurtas I've painstakingly shopped over the years. I chose to join a yoga class.7.30 am is still early morning and still late enough to get a good night's sleep. Exactly 57 seconds walk from my house and I find myself in a hall with neatly arranged mattresses. 6 people (including me and A) and the benign,bespectacled instructor are all set.I like instructors with spectacles, dont know why, but guess that gives them a "clear" vision. I give a confident look to A and try hard to quieten my jumpy nerves. I'm scared about getting stuck in some twisted position. With gentle warm-up exercises I can feel my lazy muscles(read flab) waking up. 3-4 simple asanas with a 2 minute relaxation position(I love shavasana) and we are done for the day!! Not many twists in today's tale. We are given two dronas (lotus leafed cup) which are covered and a health drink. The health drink is brown colored tasteless liquid. "Barley water", the instructor tells us.I anticipate Sooji halwa in those covered dronas. "Sprouts" the instructor smiles behind his specs.And we have a holiday announced on the first day! A healthy way to go!!! I chuckle to myself.

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