Tuesday, December 20, 2005


In one of my previous posts I talked about my engineering college, remember folks?!
It's that place where I've made some of the most wonderful friends...

Now while I'm at it, let me take you all with me in flashback.

A group of 9, 5 girls and 4 guys. A crazy mix of personalities, attitudes, philosophies, interests, likes, dislikes, etc. I'm surprised how they all came together in first place. But once they came together, there was no looking back.
The ties grew stronger over dabba-parties in the parking lots, canteen, lab assignments, "general" time pass and fooling around in the campus.
They were all in what I call the "butterfly" years of their life, when no worry is bigger than that of an impending examination or a lab assignment, when nothing seems to be impossible if seen through the dreamy eyes, when friends influence young minds.

The last year in college flew past almost as fast as the flicking of pages of a slam book. The friends tried to hold onto these sweet memories with their cameras, they were seen everywhere with cameras in their hands, clicking away to glory!

With tearful goodbyes, promises to write, email, call each other regularly, and prayers, they parted.

It was not the end; it was just the beginning of a new season of their friendship. They started a new life, went on to study new things, earned higher degrees, and joined big companies...

The flashback's over. Cut to the present.
Today they are all settled in different places, busy in their lives. Some are married, some are engaged, and a few are looking for those "special-ones" to tie the knot.
All are happy, successful, blessed and still the same old friends.
And they are extra-happy today because their friendship will soon turn a generation old.

This one's for you Uttara.


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Amigo said...

Kindled the past memories....Life is Beautiful. Hw cool if we could go in our past & look such events.