Friday, December 16, 2005

Why all these why's?

The year 2005 is slipping by and we can almost hear 2006 knocking at our door.

It's just another day of the year, 31st of December, then why all the fuss?

Why do we believe that something life changing will happen with one new sunrise?
Why do we feel like life has given us a new, clean slate to start doodling around?
Why do we feel that all the mistakes we did, all the blunders we committed, all the work we procrastinated doing till forever, all the lies we shamelessly told,all the guilt-trips we took, all the beautiful moments -true blessings of life we missed, all the heartaches we caused to our loved ones and all those we suffered because of our loved ones, all the promises we broke, all the dried tears we ensured nobody ever saw, all the long nights spent without batting an eyelid, all the friends we lost touch with and all the if's and but's, and all the million things we would want to sweep out of our life but which continue to gnaw us...why do we feel all these are things of the past?

And again, why do most of us stay awake to see the special new year TV programs(which are "specially" getting worse) to celebrate the new year?

Well, I dont have the answers. I'm just in that year-end thinking mode again.

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