Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hair's a funny story

I had washed my hair in the morning and despite 100 attempts to comb them and try to keep it in place, my hair was unmanageable. I gave up and decided okay, this is it. I am not trying anymore. Post 5 minutes on my office floor I bumped into this colleague. She wanted to ask “K, you didn’t come that day?” except it came out as “K, you didn’t comb your hair today?”
Obviously she was shocked at the state of my hair and it was on her mind. She was terribly embarrassed at her question. But when I started laughing, she joined too.

People who see me, see my hair first. People have bad hair days; I have my good hair days.
When I get up in the morning, I can easily scare anybody with my hair.
When I come home after having a haircut, A’s dad asks me “Was the parlor closed? You didn’t get the haircut?
You still don’t get the picture? (I won’t post one here. Thank you.)
(But all said and done, I luurve my thick curls. :))


Deppe said...

damn! I don't remember your hair. :-|

Anonymous said...

If not me who else will agree Di?
But still i too luv ur hair....just ammazing...noodles bhi sharma jaye:)

artnavy said...

hey thanks for the vote

and you are the anush catgeory then - however much i comb her hair- my mom tells me" how can you not comb her hair- really!"

i enjoyed one of your stories- will be back later

Nishant said...

I just love reading your blog...though not often but whenever I do I get transported back to the good old days...U still r so funny...stay that way...and let the hair be :)....Namesake friend :D