Thursday, July 03, 2008

Going back to May

Sadly, I don’t remember much of May. It was hot, but still bearable. Now that I am in June, I don’t really think it was that bad in Hyd. But it was hellish-hot in the interior Maharashtra region where my dad works. I used to check the temperature of the place he works online and shudder at how hot it would be there and my dad would tell me over phone “its alright-not that much heat.” Ouch! I felt so guilty sitting in this super cool, AC office and complaining to the operations about the temperatures when my dad and many people like him were out in scorching sun. :(

We had a super short trip to Parner- I have promised myself to visit Parner as often as I can. Dada, I need your help in keeping my promise.

The highlight of May was attending the Art of Living course. I wanted to do the AOL course for the last 7 years and I am glad I finally did it. I want to thank KK for this. At the risk of being thought of as un-cool and weird, I would say the entire art of living experience was superb. I would just want to be more regular in doing the exercises they taught us there.

May saw my dear sister K2’s birthday. She is the life of any party, the best friend you can make, the warm sunshine on a gray winter morning, the loveliest person one can meet and the bestest sister (K3, you too!) I could have! I miss you tons and I am mighty proud of what you have accomplished. Many happy returns of the day sweetie!

May also saw my grandparents celebrate their wedding anniversary! May we get to spend more time with them. May God bless them with happiness, good health and lots of love around. Keep smiling Amma - Mothe Baba!

Well, well, I did not want to understate another milestone when I said that AOL was the highlight of the month. A and I completed 3 years of companionship. The more I know A, the more I realize that I have a long way to go to deserve him. He is the testimony to my belief that God loves me dearly.

A has not changed one bit from the person I first met in 2004 and fell in love with. I will resist my terrible temptation to share with you all the little stories which tell of A’s sweetness, because I have suddenly become superstitious- not risking jinx and stuff. :)
Dear A, wishin you a very happy wedding anniversary and thank you for everything! And as I love to say- the best is yet to be!


Sudhish said...

beautiful post!! the para describing ur anniversary is super-romantic.."He is the testimony of my belief that God loves me dearly", can make it to the "most-romantic-lines" list :)...ur posts are a treat to read..keep writing!! :)

Kavs said...

Thank you Sudhish! :) You know I take such comments very seriously! ;)
I am disappointed you dont blog..